Abrar Ifaz

Research Officer, Dismislab
In Betting App Ads Shakib, Tamim, and Mushfiq’s Falsified Video-Images
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In Betting App Ads Shakib, Tamim, and Mushfiq's Falsified Video-Images

Abrar Ifaz

Research Officer, Dismislab

A video circulating on Facebook appears to show former Bangladesh cricket team captain and Member of Parliament for Magura-1 Constituency, Shakib Al Hasan, promoting a betting application. However, upon verification, it has been confirmed that the video is not authentic. It combines old footage of Shakib with manipulated audio. Additionally, the video includes a fake Facebook post featuring edited images of cricketers Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim.

The manipulated video prominently features the emblem of Somoy TV and begins with a female host promoting a betting app. She claims that Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib Al Hasan has launched his own app. Subsequently, the video transitions to a purported clip of Shakib Al Hasan, accompanied by manipulated audio.

According to Dismisslab’s verification, the presenter in the video is Zee News journalist Shobhna Yadav from India. The promotional video for the gambling app matches the attire and background typically seen on Shobhna Yadav’s show “Baat Pate Ki,” which was aired on March 5 at 9 PM IST. This clearly indicates that the video from the Zee News show has been edited, with fake audio inserted.

Additionally, a Facebook post by an individual appears at 16 seconds into the video. The caption of the post claims that Shakib’s life was changed by the Banger app. However, upon verification, it has been found that this Facebook post is also fabricated. It seems to have been created using an Instagram post originally shared by Pakistani gamer and YouTuber Saad Ur Rehman, also known as duckybhai.

At the eighteenth second of the video, there is a post from Tamim Iqbal’s official Facebook page promoting the Banger app. However, upon verification, it was found that Tamim Iqbal’s official Facebook page did not make such a post. Upon further verification, it was discovered that the image of the fake post was created using parts of an advertisement for Taptap Send Bangladesh, a financial services company.

At the thirty-two-second mark of the video, there is a post on Bangladeshi cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim’s Facebook page promoting the Banger app. This image is also manipulated. In fact, the fake Facebook post was created, incorporating a specific segment of an advertisement from IDLC Bank, and included in the video.

In the 37th second of the fake video, Shakib Al Hasan’s footage is shown. He can be heard saying, “Good evening! I want to share some news with you. I have partnered with the Super App. A super bonus will be available to those who register with a minimum of five zero zero Bangladeshi taka today. This offer is valid for only two days to celebrate the app’s launch. I can assure you it is completely safe…”

Upon verification of the linguistic issues, it was observed that the campaign was originally written in English, then translated using Google Translate and voiced over in Shakib’s voice. Consequently, the phrase ‘Super bonus will be available from me’ has been translated literally, which is not compatible with the structure or flow of the Bengali language. Additionally, the Bengali voice by Shobhna Yadav also exhibits numerous pronunciation problems. Saying ‘five hundred zero Bangladeshi Taka’ instead of simply ‘five hundred taka’ also suggests that it may have been read with the aid of technology.

Dismislab has seen that Shakib’s original video was uploaded to his official page on April 17, 2023. In the video, he is participating in an advertising campaign for the sports equipment company Puma. The fake audio was added to the fabricated Banger betting app video after the original audio was removed. Dismisslab has already published several fact-check reports (1, 2) regarding the betting site’s campaign, which involves the manipulation of Shakib Al Hasan’s images and videos. Bangladeshi cricket players Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and Mustafizur Rahman are also victims of this fake advertisement, wherein their manipulated videos and images have been utilized.