Dismislab is as a pilot project of Digitally Right Limited (DRL), a registered private limited company. Focusing its research efforts at the intersection of media and technology, Digitally Right also works towards skill development. Its objectives are: to support media and non-governmental organisations with research-based knowledge, information and skills for digital transformation, and help them adapt to the changing digital landscape.

Dismislab is financed from revenues generated by Digitally Right’s research and business. DRL also strives to set up an independent business model for Dismislab.

Digitally Right’s two founding directors are Badruddoza Babu (Chairman) and Miraj Ahmed Chowdhury (Managing Director).

Badruddoza Babu

An established investigative journalist who currently works in media development and teaches journalism at several universities as adjunct faculty. Badruddoza Babu has won almost every prestigious investigative journalism award in Bangladesh.

Miraj Ahmed Chowdhury

Managing Director
Has been a journalist and researcher for long. Besides working as a director of Digitally Right he is also the Bengali editor of Global Investigative Journalism Network. He teaches journalistic research at a university.

Digitally Right retains records of all its financial transactions and all accounts of the organisation are audited annually by an independent audit firm.

However, Dismislab operates completely independently and impartially without any influence of its owning company. DRL entrepreneurs do not intervene in its decision-making process. It is free from any influence of or bias towards groups with partisan, ideological, religious, gender or business interest. Dismislab factchecks all claims independently and maintains the same standard for all content.

Digitally Right’s jurisdiction over Dismislab is limited to managing it finances and operations.