Join us, stay alert!

Join us, stay alert!

There is perhaps not a single person who has not come across misleading information online. While scrolling on Facebook, browsing through YouTube or TikTok, we often come across claims with information, that may not be true. Or maybe, the information is presented in a false and misleading manner, leading to confusion.

Many of the lies floating around in the internet may not be too harmful. But there is a lot of misinformation that finds its way to our newsfeed, which changes how we see the world. They influence our lives and decisions. False information with misleading interpretation influences perspectives and thoughts, and shape new ones. 

Dismislab wants to monitor and verify this flow of false information online. We want to reduce their impact and risk. Needless to say, it is not possible for a person or an organisation to do this alone. We want the involvement of many, so that false information can be detected quickly and correct information can be spread to wider audiences. This is the goal of the Shoda Shotorko (always alert) Group.

We will talk openly about the types and trends of disinformation. If we see wrong or misleading information, we will point it out. We will discuss the methods and techniques of factchecking. You can also strengthen the truth and flow of accurate information by joining this group on Dismislab.

What will Shoda Shotorko do?

One of the objectives of this group is to quickly identify false and misleading information that has spread in Bengali speaking regions. If you come across a questionable claim online or in the media, then share it in this group and let others know.

Dismislab will factcheck the claim once the extent of its reach and verifiability is ascertained. We will also share our findings in this group regularly, so that everyone can be alert and let others know the correct information and explanation.

If you feel that there should be a report or research into a topic that is inaccurate or false and could affect or harm public life but remains largely overlooked, feel free to report it in this group. If and when Dismislab takes up an initiative to look into the topic, you can also participate there.

Members of Shodashotorko Facebook group can also create fact-check reports of their own by identifying incorrect or false information. If your verification and factchecking content is of admissible quality, they can then be published in Dismislab. There will be a prize too!

Dismislab will also organise workshops through this group to raise awareness about the risks and effects of disinformation and misinformation that riddle the internet. You can also take part. 

Join the Shoda Shotorko Group!