Correction policy

Correction policy

In case of mistakes or errors in factchecking, or incorrect information in our content, we promptly and openly acknowledge the error and correct it. If there are errors in our research or if such errors are brought to our attention, we correct them or remove them with notification.

Dismislab is committed to presenting accurate information by refuting false claims in real time. We admit that in doing so, we may make mistakes. If our content has incorrect information or erroneous conclusions, we correct them and add a notice to inform readers about the revision.

We have a specific procedure for correcting errors in our guest articles as well. 

If readers find errors in our content, we expect them to notify us requesting correction. We, in turn, take immediate steps to proceed accordingly. Error notices and correction requests can be sent to this email:

Besides the website, we also try to quickly correct errors on our social media page or channels.

All of our corrections are separately logged on a page. Dismislab team regularly reviews its content for necessary corrections or modifications in weekly meetings. You can find all our corrections here:

If an article is withdrawn or deleted for any particular reason, we inform the readers about the URL removal. No content is removed without notice.

Correction method

When we find there is an error in our content or if an error is brought to our attention, we examine it and consider the probable courses of action. We then inform the author of the content about the error to see if corrections are needed. If yes, then we proceed with the corrections.

In general, we are committed to correcting errors as quickly as possible after confirmation. If errors in information or data cannot be corrected within one day, the post is unpublished. But afterwards we publish it again with the announcement of the correction.

Even when an error is detected soon after publication, we inform the reader about it instead of correcting it clandestinely. The same procedure applies to errors for social media content. However, we do not announce corrections in case of spelling mistakes.