Who We Are

Who We Are

Dismislab is an independent, neutral and non-partisan online verification and media research platform. Its journey began as an information laboratory that monitors current affairs, conducts research, verifies information and above all works to enhance ‘critical thinking’ ability of journalists and readers.

Minhaj Aman

Research-Lead, Dismislab
Involved with data investigation and training for about 5 years. He has worked with several factchecking agencies. He is also involved with research on digital rights.

Tamara Yesmin

Researcher, Dismislab
Journalist, translator and researcher. She has completed her post-graduation from the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at Dhaka University. Interested in gender, environment and human rights issues.

Partho Pratim Das

Engagement editor, Dismislab
Author and social media manager. He has been involved in online and mass media development for a decade and has a special interest in the digital world and innovation.

Tohidul Islam Raso

Researcher, Dismislab
Journalist, Researcher and a Fact-checker. Studied Mass Communication and Journalism at BUP. Interested in Media, Politics and Digital Rights

Abrar Ifaz

Research Officer
Researcher. A Criminology graduate from the University of Dhaka, with a keen focus on State Surveillance, Disinformation, and Critical Crime Theory.

Saeed Mahmud Sohrab

Tech Associate, Dismislab
Has been working in web development and content writing for four years. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism at University of Dhaka.