Minhaj Aman

Research-Lead, Dismislab
These are not images from the recent Syria-Turkey earthquake
This article is more than 1 year old

These are not images from the recent Syria-Turkey earthquake

Minhaj Aman

Research-Lead, Dismislab

Recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have caused an increasing number of injuries and fatalities. The death toll has reportedly risen to nearly 16,000.

On social media, a lot of people are posting photos and offering sympathy for the victims. Unfortunately, those posts frequently come with photographs that are from earlier, unrelated incidents rather than the current one.

Even a scene from the popular TV series Game of Thrones has been circulated with Turkey-Syria-related posts. 

Several Facebook posts and groups have shared a photo claiming a dog howled after identifying its owner trapped in an earthquake in Turkey. The photo shows a dog sitting beside a man’s hand stuck in the rubble.

But Dismislab verified and found that the image is at least four years old and has no relation with the Syria-Turkey earthquake.

Image of the dog was found on multiple marketplaces of images and videos. The image from Alamy Marketplace includes a date, which is 18 October 2018.

Additionally, it has been confirmed and covered by widely respected media outlets, including BBC. In Bangladesh, the claim was likewise verified.

Another image that spread from the marketplace of images and videos was seen to be posted from multiple profiles on Facebook.

The picture shows a child sitting in the rubble with his hands on his head. The Facebook post says the picture is of a child who lost his family in the Turkey earthquake.

But Reuters and AP have already verified that the photo of the baby is old. A report by AP identified that It was taken in Ukraine in 2018. Besides, reports have been published in Bangladesh identifying the claim as misleading.

Another old photo of collapsed buildings has been circulating on social media and even in a mainstream media outlet as the recent earthquake in Turkey.

The photo shows rescue workers working in a collapsed building. This photograph, however, was taken in 2020 during another earthquake in Turkey. The image was published in several international media outlets at the time. A fact-check report on this image has also been published.

A photo from a popular TV show has also gone viral, claiming to be of the Turkey earthquake. A photo of a man and a woman entwined in the rubble was shared on Facebook, referring to Turkey’s recent earthquake.

But upon verification, it is found that the picture is actually a scene from the Game of Thrones TV series. Multiple fact-checking organizations have also fact checked this image.