Write to us

Write to us

We have limitless access to information in this digital era, but it comes with a cost. You might end up getting lost in a sea of wrong or misleading information.It might also be challenging to distinguish between fact and fiction in the midst of an abundance of information.

Dismislab was established with the intention of thoroughly analysing, evaluating, and screening the internet information flow for misinformation and disinformation. This enables us to validate the many falsehoods that are spread widely. At the same time, we research their backgrounds and root origins. You can support us by writing informative or helpful articles. 

What to write about

A major part of our work involves making readers and the media aware of the spread of fake news and disinformation. We regularly publish articles on this topic in the “Media Literacy” section. You can write to increase awareness. It is preferable if the text is not written in an opinion or editorial tone. We expect a well-written piece with plenty of research and examples.

False or misleading information becomes more dangerous when it appears in the mainstream media. Unfortunately, this often happens. In our “Media Watch” section, you can also leave comments or analyse any such media gaffes or errors. Such writings may contain incisive analysis of the media’s editorial culture and trends.

You can also write about contemporary research and its findings on information flow, information disorder, the spread of false and fake information, or similar topics. While writing, highlight the relevance of the research according to the context of Bangladesh.

Writing Style

It is important to present the content of the writing as clearly as possible. So keep the necessary context related to the subject in writing. Pay extra attention to the accuracy of any information used in writing. Add necessary links or document references.

In expository, informative, or analytical writing, you may need to break things down. So the writing could be bigger. But keep in mind that if the text is too long, the reader may lose patience. A total of 1000–1500 words would be ideal.

Pitch the idea first.

Pitch the idea before starting any writing. This will allow you to know if it matches the value of DismisLab. If the idea is publishable, we can also provide you with the necessary information and guidance. The time and effort you put into a long piece of writing may be difficult to quantify in monetary terms. We will, however, make every effort to be mindful of this labour and time.